Depiction of aqua-blue waves with orange highlights flowing across a plane.
Tim Booker stylised in custom liquid chome font

I was born in Perth, Western Australia. I lived here until mid-way through highschool when I dropped out and fled home to live in Melbourne, Victoria.

While finishing my highschool cert, I found an interest in mathematical beauty. I was captivated by how mathematical thinking could offer piercing ways to understand the complexities of the world.

I self-studied mathematics, using Khan Academy, and enrolled at whatever university would accept a student with no pre-requisites, and a low graduating score, into a physics program. That happened to be the Swinburne University of Technology.

During university I thrived. It was a place where I could chase my interests with little restriction. During uni I worked across optical fibre physics, hydroacoustics, and social analytics, before realising theoretical studies is where my interests reside. Alongside this, I started to become more critical of the real world outside of physics and mathematics, and I realised there are problems with society that are far too frustrating and unfair to ignore. Complex systems was a natural path forward, where I could satisfy this frustration, contribute my abilities in physics and maths, and of course, retain proximity to the mathematical beauty that still captivates me.

Outside of academics, I like techno, plants, and myopically approaching anything that sounds like an adventure.

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