Depiction of aqua-blue waves with orange highlights flowing across a plane. Image credits: @dancristianpaduret on Unsplash.
Tim Booker stylised in custom liquid chome font

I'm a Vienna-based complex systems scientist. My background is in mathematical physics and I work on complex systems theory at CSH, Vienna as a Ph.D. candidate.

My research aims to unravel the deep roots of societal problems through the complex systems lens. I'm motivated by the simple idea that we must be able to do better. We have many concurrent global problems that are limited not by our understanding of them, but extraneous barriers like misinformation, corruption, and perverse interests. Perhaps understanding how to overcome these barriers is a science in and of itself?

Before CSH I was a visiting scholar at GSAIS, Kyoto University (a.k.a. 思修館) studying the entropy of complex systems under the supervision of Prof. Liang Zhao. Prior to that I completed my honours degree at Swinburne University, Melbourne studying self-avoiding walk models under the supervision of Prof. Nathan Clisby.

Feel welcomed to reach out to me to talk about any ideas, requests, or questions you might have. I'm always happy to make good ideas happen. Contact:

Also, I can help make personal websites, like this one. See the link below.

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